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NOW OPEN:  The Energy Bar - Our own Organic Cafe serving up whatever your energy might be!  ORGANIC Smoothies, Fresh Organic Juices, Protein drinks, , Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino etc.

Please note:  We have uploaded many thousands of products to our website recently, to show what we have available and the current pricing.  Unfortunately it will take us some time to fully upload images and descriptions for these products and the correct categories and we apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause.  If you need information on any particular product, kindly call or email us so that we can prioritize it for you.



Organic Produce

Seasonal Products for the holiday season

Fresh Products
OEM Catering and meals, Dairy & Substitutes, Desserts, Produce, Frozen Foods, Meat/Fish, Bread

Products either manufactured or distributed by Nova Scotians and Maritimers!

Personal Care, Facial Care, Hair Care, Body Care, Oral Health, Healing Balms, , Cosmetics, Essential Oils and Natural Perfumes

Safer, More Natural Options to clean your Home

Green Supplements & Green drinks including Berry powders etc.

Anti-Oxidants, EFA Omega Oils, Garlic Supplements & Probiotics

Bee & Honey Supplements, Herbal Tinctures & Bach Flower Remedies and Other Miscellaneous Herbal Supplements

Single Remedies, Combinations and Tissue Salts 

Salt Lamps and General Home and Kitchen Products

Detoxification and Fibre, Liver, Gall Bladder, Candida & Parasite Cleanses

Health Maintenance, Prostate & Libido, Men's Grooming Products.

Accessories, Candles, Books, Clothing, Home Decor, Magnets, Meditation and Water Filtration

See also Salt Lamps (under Household)

See also Salt Lamps (under Household), Home Decor and Meditation (under Miscellaneous)

Huges selection of Organic and Natural Food and Drinks

Food, supplements and Remedies for your Pet

Solutions for your Health Issues listed by Categor

Sprouts, Seeds for Sprouting and Equipment

Food, Products & Supplements  More listings under Home Delivery/In Store and Organic and Natural Food, See also separate RAW category  there.

MultiVitamins, SIngle Vitamins and Minerals

Amino Acids, Healthy Bars, Weight Loss/Diet, Energy and Sports Nutrition

Women's Health. PreNatal Health, Supplements and Body Care for Mothers, Babies and Infants

Prices may vary slighty between our online catalogue and in store.  Whilst we make every effort to keep our store fully stocked, there are times when we are out of stock of particular items.  Please note that even when a product is listed on this website it does not guarantee that it is currently in stock at the store.  If you are travelling to the store, we suggest that you call or email to check that we have what you wish


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