The Grocery Department

Welcome to our Grocery Department! The largest department in the store has all of the regular grocery store expectations, but with a healthier twist! We work to bring local and ethical food to our shelves, whether it be cereals, meat, dairy, or vegan options. Along with regular staples, we try to get on board early with exciting new products and bring them to the neighbourhood. We get weekly deliveries of organic cream, daily deliveries of the best local bread, and work to keep the most delicious alternatives on our shelves. A few product lines we carry are: Organic Meadow, Harmony Dairy, Ran-Cher Acres, Schoolhouse Bakery, MadewithLocal, Tea North, but that is really just a few, come on in and check out what we have in store!

What's New in the Grocery Department

Started in 1989, Nuts to You is the original Canadian full-range nut butter manufacturer, making both organic and conventional nut and seed butters. The nuts and seeds used in our butters are dry roasted or raw, and do not contain added salt, sugar or saturated oils. Nuts to You nut butters are kosher, Non-GMO and dairy, soy, wheat and gluten free.
Yes, these are coffee leaves!

They have been consumed for hundreds of years around the world for various health applications and is known as a traditional tea under the name of 'kuti' in Ethiopia and 'kawa dawn' in Indonesia